Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My feet feel just fine

World travelers are sometimes said to have "itchy feet." Those who use this axiom intend it to describe a person who can't stay in the same place long because he or she is compelled to be on the move. Although this may be true for many travelers, it is not an accurate description of all of us.

I am an explorer who is compelled to nest. I love to learn, and my travel is motivated by my desire to experience new things and learn about different cultures. However, I must have a safe place to come home.

My initial nesting tends to be centered on food--I don't feel comfortable in a new place until I know how to get to the grocery store and have found at least one decent restaurant. For many foreign service families, home is not defined by one's surroundings, but whether or not your family members are there with you. Although I intermittently feel sad about leaving my home in Florida, the only time I've felt acutely homesick was the night my husband was away on his A-100 class retreat.

My feet feel just fine, and although I don't feel compelled to be on the move, my curiosity is much stronger than my unwillingness to have to re-nest every couple of weeks, months, or years. On Friday we learn where we will be posted for two years. There are many places I will be comfortably excited about going, a few that will make me go "eek" but I will look forward to exploring, and a few that, despite my efforts at not forming expectations, I will be emotionally unprepared for if Brian is handed one of their flags. Nevertheless, I know that once I find the local grocery store, all will be well.

DC has plenty of good restaurants

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