Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The other side of Filipino food

Trying new foods can be one of the most exciting--and astonishing--aspects of living in a foreign country. Last Thursday our Tagalog teachers exposed us to one of the more shocking Filipino delicacies, but since then I've had the opportunity to experience other Filipino foods. And thank gosh--I love to try new foods, but I draw the line at bird embryo. 

On Friday our class went to the Fairfax Inn, where we had halo-halo for dessert. Our teacher describes halo-halo as a mix of just about everything with ice cream. The one below was made of tapioca ice cream, condensed milk, ice shavings, a type of custard, rice crisps, coconut, tapioca pearls, gummies (or "bubbles" in Southeast Asia), and beans. 

I look forward to trying one of these in the Philippines, perhaps at Jollibee.

At a party this weekend I had the opportunity to try some chicken lumpia, which is a small fried spring roll. They were delicious.

And finally, shortly after we were assigned to Manila a friend of ours loaned us his Filipino cookbook, and twice I've made Chicken Adobo.


It was masarap (Tagalog for delicious), if I do say so myself.

I look forward to exploring Filipino cuisine, although I cannot imagine ever being ready for balut. However, I've heard that exotic aspects of foreign life quickly become normal, so I won't say never.

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