Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Are we still in the Philippines?

Palawan still holds the title of my favorite place in the Philippines, but our recent trip to Baguio offered Palawan heavy competition.

In Northern Luzon, about 4-7 hours away from Manila (depending on traffic), a trip to the Ambassador's Residence in Baguio feels like a trip to another country. The air is clean and cool, and the air smells of ... pine trees!

Baguio was first developed around 1900 by Americans who were thrilled to have found mountains, pine trees, and cool air in the tropical climate of the Philippines. I can imagine their elation to have found a place that reminds us so much of home--even those of us from Florida! These pictures can't truly capture Baguio's sights, sounds, and most importantly, smells.

An early morning view from the patio.

The back of the Ambassador's Residence.

US Embassy personnel are welcome to stay at the Ambassador's Residence for a small fee. Children are not allowed in the main residence building, but there are two cabins on campus that are great for families. There are plenty of restaurants in the City of Baguio, but I recommend bringing your own food, taking long walks, and enjoying your respite in the mountains!

For more information about the Residence's history, please visit the US Embassy Website at http://manila.usembassy.gov/wwwhamb1.html. 

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