Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sigurado namin doon pa?

That's Tagalog for, "Are we there yet?" Tomorrow we start our eight weeks of language training, which means that the final countdown to our departure date is getting closer. Two months doesn't seem like much time--especially since we have so much to do--and yet it seems like ages until we get to see our home for the next two years. 

We are enjoying our time here in DC, but this is an awkward period in our transition. It can be difficult to stay engaged in the present when you know your time is limited. We know where we are going and when we get there, but we have to WAIT to find out everything else. Yet perhaps this is time to practice the essential Foreign Service philosophy: enjoy the journey.

Of course, enjoying the journey does not mean that you don't have a destination. Staying in the present does not mean you can't have goals, a concept that Western students of Buddhism often find difficult. Having concrete goals that are separate from a physical location is an alien concept, and yet I know that, at this time in my life, I don't want to be cemented to a specific place.

My time of rest in DC has certainly offered me clarity and understanding. I know what I don't want.  Until further notice, my mission statement is:


Followed closely by attending a yoga teacher training course in Southeast Asia.  

So I do have goals that aren't attached to a physical locale: 1) learn to be patient 2) avoid getting stressed and 3) enjoy the ride.

In two months I may still be asking if we're there yet, but hopefully I will ask it in Tagalog without the help of Google translator. In the meantime, I should take time to appreciate what I will miss while in the Philippines, such as temperatures lower than 80 degrees.

Always ready to go


  1. Diane,

    Dalawa ba ang aso ninyo? Ang gaganda namam nila! Sana naman walang problema ang inyong pagaaral ng Tagalog.



  2. So now you're going to need to be my yoga instructor and my Tagalog instructor when you get here. :) Speaking of which--I have a few friends who are interested in yoga classes, if you want to teach them here. There are also a few who have talked about wanting infant/toddler yoga classes, if you're interested in that as well.

  3. I'm curious to know if you have discovered certain strategies for not getting too stressed. I hear that cutting out alcohol and caffeine, plus exercising regularly help - but what are you doing that works for you?

  4. Fausto: No entiendo, pero ... Si Diane Ako. Americana ako. Kumusta ka?
    Jessica: You bet! The training is in the fall so I should be ready to teach by Christmas!
    Ryan: Extended vacation = best stress prevention strategy ever. =) Also what you said plus yoga, dogs, reaching out for support, and having a good social worker handy! Coffee and wine in moderation as needed. =)

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