Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tagalog highlights: week one

Highlights of our first week of Tagalog:

1)  Getting up at 6:00 am every day and therefore feeling jet lagged.
2)  Learning more Tagalog in five days than half a semester of high school and/or college Spanish.
3) Coming back from lunch and saying "oui, oui" instead of "oo" (yes, pronounced oh-oh).
4) Discovering that studying a language can be fun!
5) Learning all the different ways I could offend someone by slightly mispronouncing a Tagalog word.
6 a) Learning about Filipino culture through their language.
   b) Deciding that our asos will never be visiting the provinces.
7 a) Playing 20+ questions in Filipino.
   b) Discovering how many politicians and celebrities I know nothing about.
8) Teaching Julie to maupo ka and tayo na in < 5 minutes. (sit and let's go commands)
9) Speak like Yoda I learn. 
10) Learning that we won't be considered a family until we have anak, and that Filipinos don't think asos count as anak. 

Anak namin for now

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  1. I took two years of French in high school. I remember very little. Enjoy learning your new language. Interesting that a dog can learn simple commands in 5 minutes. Surely you used hand signals as well. Either that or your dog is far smarter than your aunt.