Sunday, August 8, 2010

Organic produce!

... beer can chicken, and a whole roasted pig. Just some of the food items you will find at the Legaspi Market in Manila.

I was so happy to find fresh, good quality fruits and vegetables. I still haven't bought any raw meat.

A big bag of organic produce for only $18! I bought some oranges with lime colored skin--they smell like oranges but I haven't tried one yet. I sampled some lychee but saved that for another day.

I had to buy a big woven basket (not one of these but similar) to carry my loot. The market also sells art, gifts, clothing, and used books. Read it Again could open a Philippine branch!

 Lechon - a whole roasted baboy (pig).  I don't eat pork, so I don't know if it's good.

Yum! Malagkit (slightly sweet sticky rice) with flavor or filling. I brought home a mango roll.

Fresh honey.

San Miguel beer can chicken!

I meant to buy yogurt, but ended up with milk. It's the best milk I've ever tasted, so I look forward to the yogurt.


  1. Great pics, Diane!

    Did you buy any reduced-price Bibles?

  2. I'm guessing Brian didn't go with you to the fresh honey! :)